Kirk vs. Guillard

We have just signed to have "The Captain" Tommy Kirk square off against "The Young Assassin" Melvin Guillard at 155lbs. on 11/13! Everyone knows about Melvin but few people know that the databases are missing 14 of Tommy's wins. He is 18-9-1 w/12 ko's or tko's. It will be a war. Who do you guys like?????? Good luck to both and Thanks to Reality Combat for making this happen.


Should be an exciting bout, best of luck to the Captain.

Good luck, both guys are tough.


Melvin will come in with that damn huge ass backpack and kick some ass.

Good luck Tommy! 18-9-1 that is impresive, who was that tie against?


email me when you get s chance.


I realize Tom was fighting No Love the only time I saw him fight, so that may not have been the greatest show of his skill, but I am picking Melvin in this one.

the tie is against some homo named Ireland. lol.

I like Tom, he is a good guy, but I think Melvin will be to much.

I can't wait to see this fight. This will be a war!!! Both guy's have good hands and a good wrestling background.

Aren't they both ground and pounders with good standup? If this is the case I pick Melvin because of his wrestling (2 x LA state champ)

Great fight between two great fighters.

wher is this fight happening??

melvin will win.

i'm going with melvin as well. it should be an interesting fight though.

OK guys, we're getting ready again!!!

Nice match-up!

I am going with Melvin

Hey Mike, I'm looking over your shoulder big boy.


Gotta go with my boys from I.F. Get him Kirk!
Good deal Camp!

I may be biased, as Melvin is a good friend of mine, and I don't know the other guy, but if Melvin drops to 155, he will be harder to handle than anything around. He has competed at his walk around weight, and against even bigger opponents for so long, and with so much success, that anyone at 155 lbs better look out.