Kismet, for what?

Ok, I have Kismet but I don't know whether I should turn off my DHCP and let Kismet on my laptop just look around for wireless networks. I had the thing find networks but now what isn't this the same thing as just having your wireless card on DHCP? Is Kismet suppossed to looking around stealthily, instead of hopping right on with DHCP?
What is the deal?

OK, I just turned off wireless card and then booted up Kismet. I had to pick the right driver for the wireless card before. When Kismet boots up it turns on my wireless card and picks up the wireless networks around but doesn't pick a network for me to surf on. I get a tab for networks, traffic, GPS, and clients. Kind of nifty. I'm only picking up 2 networks now and they're both open, unencrypted. One's signal is too weak, going from 0-20, but the one I'm using now is like way up in the 40's (whatever it means)...