Kiss My Azz , Paul Stanley Has Soul

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LOL OG not Stanley Fans

I just watched the 2 part KISS documentary on A&E. Never really a big fan, but it was pretty good.

Its crazy how much the lead guitarist and drummer missed out on when they initially left. Gene Simmons has a net worth of 500 Million, while Ace Freeley has a net worth of about 1 million. Dude couldn’t get out of his own way.

That being said, Simmons and Stanley are bigger fans of themselves than anyone. I can see not wanting to be around them for such long periods of time.

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More than likely True and the Drummer Criss was marginal at best

I thought Stanley nailed those Soul Ballads , thats all


Instead of Strutter

Watching that “Kisstory” some of their later 80’s no make up tunes were pretty killer.

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Recorded them and watched the first half of the first episode. Good stuff. I watched a lot of KISS docs, but not that many I can remember involved extensive interviews with both Paul and Gene. First part I watched was really good.

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Forgot about the documentary. Wanted to watch it. Reminded me there is also a Bee Gees doc I wanted to watch too…

Didn’t know Stanley went solo

Second part is just as good.

Just finished the second part tonight, it was really good. A few weeks ago I had watched the Eric Carr documentary on Amazon Prime so it was interesting seeing how they integrated his story in there.

Any KISS fan has to watch it!