Hello everyone. I haven't been on in a while so I thought I'd just catch up and say hi. I have now joined Team Punishment so we'll see how that goes. My last MMA fight went well. Sub in the first. The next fight for me is most likely WEC in Jan. Right now I am training Ricco for his comeback.

What did you think of the Kimbo/Gannon fight, Kip? By the way, I saw you on Fear Factor AND MTV on the same night. My roommate was like, who is this guy?

Kit, (Sorry about the misspelling!!!)

You're a muay thai/mma stud. Your MTV program rocked. I look forward to seeing more of your fighting career. You are part of Team Punishment, awesome, cross train with Team Quest too.

J ak

Kip Shoot me an email. Maybe we can get you on one of our upcoming show's.  or go to our site and email me

Kit-- when is that mtv shit on again?  I've never seen it.

TTT for the 3rd person

Can you let me know when that girlfriend from the MTV thing dumps you so I can have a shot? J/K she was hot though. Whats your mma record like now?

What's up, Kit!

good to hear kit. best of luck to you in your upcoming bouts.

when is ricco's next fight? can you shed some insight into his training?


What's up there Joey!
Hey Joe, can you tell these guys to stop callin me "Kip". That shit upsets my bowels.
I'm gonna go ahead and stay neutral on the whole Kimbo thing. And the only thing I am gonna say about Ricco's training is that he is training like a madman and watch out for his striking upon his comeback.

Yelm - I have a win finally. So my Muay Thai record is at 22-1 and my MMA record is at 1-2, but boys....this is just the beginning!

Kit, if im not too late, bro i have to say one thing.

After watchin the episode on MTV about True Life, brother you brought so much inspiration to me there really is no way to say how i feel about training after watching that!

ttt goodluck in whatever you do!!


Umm... Stop calling him Kip!!


Best of luck, dude.


HA, Thanks Joe.
I'm not a great big fan of Kimbo. I think that I know a lot of guys that wouldn't have big problems with him. I'm not keen on streetfighters. He fits right up there with Tank, who got famous by getting beat up by famous guys.
Texas - That's what I like to hear. I really appreciate that.

Can't wait to see you back in action, best of luck!!

Oh, and who does Team Punishment consist of?? thanks


Thanks for pointing out that I misspelled KIT's name, sorry Kit.

When's the next Comedy CD coming out?

J ak

Thanks Zippy. I could use the support.
Felcher - Right now Team Punishment is Tito, Yves, and Me
Franky - Still in Sin City

Heya Kip!

(Just kidding... seeing if I can send you running for the toilet.)

So, you all have been really cool to me and everyone keeps talking about how I am so great and down to earth and what-not, but all the guys that I talk to keep saying, "watch out man, those UG guys will pump you up and then turn on you at the drop of a hat". I am happy to say that you've all been really cool to me. Thanks.
Yeah, I love how Sherdog has only my MMA record posted. And only half of that as well! Makes me look a litl weak on screen. I actually wrote an email asking them if they could post my Muay Thai record as well...never heard back from them.

Kit are you still with that girl? I give you alot of credit bringing her with you.My girl loves MMA but when it comes down if I ever got the pleasure of fighting myself.I'd have to go by the Bas Rutten's rule from the SmashingMachine.