Kitchen Confidential

I'm sure most of you have already read this, but if you haven't I would
highly recommend it.

Hilarious insight into the food industry by a very interesting character and

I would also recommend his fiction. It is very reminiscent of Elmore
Leonard, with a tinge of James Lee Burke.

Anthony Bourdain is the man, really enjoyed his "cooks tour" program on foodnetwork, he also writes for "saveur" magazine.

the book "a cooks tour" was also excellent.

I second the recommendation of "A Cook's Tour," it's funny shit, some of it's even poignant.

That book dashed any dreams I had of doing anything food service.  I know he's talking high end restaurants compared to a rinky dink place I'd have but still.  Fuuuuuuck that. 

I loved that book - everything I loved & everything I hated about working in the food service industry.

(I have worked back & front of house - from dishwasher to prep. From gardmanger to line cook {well, saute & grill}. From waiter to bartender. From fast food to fine dining all from age 18 to 28, then again later for 2-3 years).

What have I learned from that experience? That I NEVER want to do that again. But could if necessary LOL!

great books. he has a new show on the travel channel called No Reservations, its great.

Tony Bourdain is the shit. No Reservations is in its second season, and the GF and I watch it religiously.