Kite Surfing Fail Lifts Dude Into Sky

Ouch... apparently he was ok though.

He died IIRC Phone Post 3.0

He should've held on a little longer and gone in the water.

Saw that happen in person but even worse. Was with 2 buddies and our stunt kites at a soccer field. Field is next to an airport.... Big fields with heavy, HEAVY winds. Some dudes were kite sailing and they had such a big kite they were strapped in to it with a 5 point harness

It was fucking awesome watching them, but their day ended when one dude launched even higher than that and landed in his side. Kite flew back up and pulled him up again just as high and slammed him again. It repeated this 5 or 6 times down the entire soccer field. Dude bounced from one goal past the other.

His friends raced their truck accepts the field, unstrapped him and loaded him in the truck and raced off. He was unconscious and looked like he broke an arm and collar bone, maybe dislocated shoulder. thats all we saw and we were just fucking stunned, wish to god we had it on video, it was insane Phone Post 3.0

damn at that vid and kkm's story

TTT Phone Post 3.0

Ozzimandias -

He should've held on a little longer and gone in the water.

Maybe he can't swim, and let go because he was going towards the water. Phone Post 3.0