Kitt vs General Lee

I saw the post of Kitt vs. Mach 5, but what I want to know is Kitt vs. General Lee


general, fuck that cidiot kit

Yeah, I'd rather have the General too.

hmm.....General Lee

is this a real question?

give me the general

"is this some sort of weyhey? that ginger car has no soul and is a redneck. kitt is awesome, mainly due to his snootiness"

The General Lee has soul, and is super bad. Plus Kitt seems like more of a cockbloker than a wingman.

Leigh has no idea what he's talking about as usual. The General Lee is and always has been badass. That ol' Charger is 1000 times cooler than some lame 80's Trans Am anyday.

...and LOL @ KITT's snootiness making him awsome. He sounded like a flaming homo.

KITT did have a working ATM machine though, gotta give him that.

i dont know if i can blame him on this one leigh. do they have dukes of hazzard in the UK? i dont know if they do, but in the states the dukes are an institution, attacking the general lee is like attacking apple pie or taking a swing at one of the beastie boys

KITT would turbo boost the fuck out of that hillbilly wagon!

Fei is correct

General Lee = Classic Badass Car

KITT = Lame Homomobile

kitt would be fun to take out drinking:

Michael have you been drinking, i'm swerving all over the road. I'm going to drive

Michael can we drive this girl home she is crushing my seat.


Leigh-" it normal in the states to abuse people when you disagree with them? "----------------------------------------------No, but when you call an American icon from our childhood " ginger and lacking soul" well you sort of open yourself up to it. That's the General Lee man. It might mean nothing to you, but that car has plenty of soul......and I'm not even a redneck. YEEEEEHAAAAW !!!

BTW "redneck" is not inherently insulting. I happen to know some very good, honest, hard working, quality people that just happen to be rednecks. Just for example, Randy Couture is a redneck. Don't be ignorant, rednecks are people too.

Leigh-" this some sort of weyhey? that ginger car has no soul and is a redneck..." soul....redneck....Those don't sound like compliments, not the way you used them. The way you used the word redneck sounded like an insult.

1st Captain America and now the damn General Lee.....What's next, the Statue of Liberty ?

"the statue of liberty came from france, which i have no issue with. "



General Lee is a pain in the ASS...there doors didn't even open!!!

Leigh-"...captain un-america went against american law and became a fugitive....."------------------------------------------Captain America went against American law that was proposed by an evil manipulator (possibly the Nazi Red Skull)for the sole purpose of controlling and possibly destroying America. He did this in order to SAVE America and for no other reason. That's VERY American. VERY!!. The game was rigged and there vwas no other way for him to win. Doing otherwise would have played right into the villain's hands. Give it time, you'll see.

You probably watched Star Wars 1-3 and thought Senator Palpatine was a good guy when he manipulated the democratic process through lies, corruption, and fear to gain control of the Senate. Probably thought he had good intentions when he used manipulation and trickery when to fool the free men of the Republic into voting their freedoms away and turning it into an Empire. That didn't turn out too well for the "free" Republic did it ??

" ...general lee is decorated to represent a society that sanctioned slavery..."-------------------------------------------LOL, The General Lee is a car decorated to look exactly like something you would see in the South. You might not know or understand this, but most southerners don't equate the rebel flag w/ "Kill All Niggers!" like you do. It's just part of the culture whether or not you like it or understand it. I'm pretty sure that when they designed that car they weren't thinking , "We'll show those damn negroes w/ our car !!"......It was a show about rednecks that race cars in the South....the flag is still very common in the South and doesn't always mean "racist" to the people that have it. It's basically synonymous w/ "Redneck from the South" and probably always will be.

"...the statue of liberty came from france,...."--------------------------------------------No sh!t it comes from France, but it still represents America and it's ideals.

"... which i have no issue with.."---------------------------------Obviously you wouldn't have issues with it , you only have issues w/ American things like Captain America, the General Lee and all things "redneck".

Leigh-" this some sort of weyhey? that ginger car has no soul and is a redneck..." soul....redneck....Those don't sound like compliments, not the way you used them. The way you used the word redneck sounded like an insult.

Funny thing - living in Mississippi, I hear the term "redneck" kicked around an awful lot - and curiously, in the last 10-20 years, it seems to have gotten a usage rule very similar to the n-word - people who describe themselves as rednecks have no problem calling themselves or similar folks by that term, but God help anyone (esp. a Yankee) who calls them that, it's considered an insult.

Same with the neighborhood in New Orleans where I grew up, which had a really large Italian population - they called each other "wop" with no hesitation or self-consciousness, but if a non-Italian called them that, it was grounds for a fight....

LOL it must be a universal thing. I live in Miami and growing up alot of my latino friends called one another "spics" in a joking or friendly manner. I have to admit I'm guilty of it myself, but it was all in fun and no one ever took offense......Then again I've never had a whitebread American or black person call me a dirty spic while giving me a mean face.

As a latino I personally don't have any personal equality or racial issues (heck, I look white) so in general I wouldn't take as much offense as a black person might be by being called a "nigger" by a non-black person.

Uh oh and it wasnt with an "a". Somebodies going down for this

Not me. Read the context, change your tampons, and move on.

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