Kitt vs General Lee

"fei, are you saying you want to insult me as well? is it normal in the states to abuse people when you disagree with them?"

no, i didnt say i wanted to insult you, just that i can understand skarhead's anger in this particular situation. attacking the general lee, the beloved icon of many of our backwoods youths, has the tendency to inspire the kind of righteous anger we normally reserve for defending our mums. kind of like how someone from your neck of the woods might feel about seeing danger mouse insulted, if he were around my age

Fei is correct.

LOL, Brits are touchy about Danger Mouse ? You're kidding right ? Anyway, Mighty Mouse would so kick his ass.

actually i dont know if brits are touchy about danger mouse. but i know that i am touchy about danger mouse. and while mighty mouse might be able to kick his ass (bad matchup for danger mouse :() mighty mouse will never be as entertaining as danger mouse.

i will fight for danger mouse's honor.

Danger mouse would out smart him.

Mighty Mouse is basically Superman in mouse form. Most of the Marvel Universe would be owned by Mighty Mouse. Danger Mouse stands no chance.

From what I remember about Danger Mouse, he was pretty cool, but like you said it's a bad matchup. No shame in losing to MM.

Yeah except Danger Mouse doesn't have Kryptonite, Green Arrow, or Frank Miller to help/save him.

Read Alan Moore's Supreme for an Idea of where Mighty mouse ranks compared to other strongmen. He was stronger than 90's supreme, if I remember correctly.

It's an old debate, but I remember him being stronger than Superman. Seriously.

LOL @ KITT w/ his GAY ASS voice and accent not being a gay fagmobile for Hasslehoff and his queer leather jacket.

I mean seriously, KITT would have been alot cooler if he didn't sound like such a queer. That fagness overpowers being bullet proof or having cheap lasers......Also, that version of the Trans Am did NOT age well. It will forever look cheap and those old cars could be picked up for under $1000 these days even in top condition.

The ol' Charger will ALWAYS be a tough American "classic" car w/ balls. Pure badass. Also, either of the Duke boys would beat the EVER LIVING SH!T out of David Hasslehoff.

Neons are still popular where as you dont see so many orange cars with redneck flags now a days....

Gimme the GL!

classic Charger owns cheezy 80's Trans Am.

KITT would run rings around GL lets not forget the freaking jet speed it has. Plus it can disable GL's engine with its disruptors. Michael Knight Judo chops the living heck out of the hillbillys and its goodnight for the Dukes.

KITT was useless without Michael. The Dukes expoit this by using Daisy to lure horndog Michael out in the open where Bo would take him out hand to hand. Daisy would then tackle Bonnie in a mud pit behind the Boar's Nest and whoop that ass. If KITT tried to help a few dynamite arrows from Luke would stun KITT long enough for Cooter to hook up KITT with his tow truck. Oh and if Devon tried anything Uncle Jesse would double barrel rock salt his ass.

LMAO @ the F.L.A.G. having anything on the Dukes!

Lol you guys are dreaming. General Lee isnt even bullet proof. KITT is explosive arrow proof though sorry.

plus Knight rider had a way cooler theme tune

plus Knight rider had a way cooler theme tune

LMMFAO!!! Fuck that 80's synthesizer crap. Waylon Jennings bitch!

I'm not into line dancing so i'll stick to knightrider thanks lol

Don't forget your parachute pants and headband when you groove to the Knight Rider theme.

Well Hasslehoff is still huge in Europe I hear, so it's nor surprise these 2 are so in love with him. I bet they've got posters of Hasslehoff in a g-string plastered all over their bedrooms.