KJ Noons: Masvidal is a Threat Everywhere

 A former pro boxer with a record of 11-2, Noons revealed his thoughts on Masvidal’s skillset as a fighter and opponent. “Jorge is a tough opponent and I’m really excited for this fight. He’s been in some great fights against some really tough guys. I think he’s a great boxer; he chooses his shots well and he knows how to win fights. I think that makes him a good boxer. His strategy is to hit and not get hit. I love that strategy and have to say it’s very similar to mine, which I think will make for a great fight.”

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I am so psyched for this fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an awesome fight!! Phone Post

The fact that is for #1 contender, yet not on the main card and being given to us for free makes me happy. Thanx Zuffa!