Klistchko chop block illegal ?

Sorry Lew. I am used to posting everything here, as I'm a UG'er. OG, not so much.

it's cool...gives me a chance to post pictures and videos, i have no ill will towards you.

That FSN version of Pride sucks balls. Anyone have a full unedited version?

I thought the ref let it go because it was a pawing/striking not a grabbing/pawing.  I was very disappointed when Klistchko should have just stayed more active with the 1-2 and followed up the jab. It was obvious he could have hurt him many times but played it safe.

This match was one of the worst boxing fights I have ever watched, just horrible.

For being two "champions" i'd have to agree.

found this in the Ohio boxing rules- illegal fouls

Hitting with an open glove, the butt or inside of the hand, or back of the glove

And if it's hitting anything besides air, it's a strike or a push.

First time I had ever seen that in a boxing match. Whatever, Klistchko is so boring and just plain sucks as a champion. Only problem is there is no one out there who is worth a damn to get him out of there. This era of fighters sucks. Put him in with any of the HW 10 yrs or more ago and he wouldn't be in the top 25.

"The "intent" of a sport is MEANINGLESS because striking someone is still striking someone whether you are doing it to prevent points being scored or to score points. M'kay?"

"And besides I fucking shot down your little "intent" theory about mma be explaining how you can win an MMA fight WITHOUT EVER STRIKING OR HURTING YOUR OPPONENT (pure ring/cage control will win you an mma fight). So your "intent" argument (even if it wasn't completely bogus to begin with) doesn't even fucking apply."

Here is how retared you are: The argument was the intent of the STRIKES, not the sports themselves. Well, that's what I was arguing anyway. LOL You were so dumbfounded you were arguing about gay porn stars and toxic waste.

LOL at 'he was pushing down'. Just lol

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klitchko probly uses it so much because he saw how effective it was against his brother - Chris Byrd got a TKO win over Vitali just by continually knocking the jab down. when the shoulder muscles got too tired to support the joint, he popped the guys shoulder out. i fight southpaw too, and this is very effective.

no disrespect to Irishlew, but there was a classic UG post exchange on this subject -

"why do so many UGers hate boxing and pussy?"

"because most have done neither."

Normally I would agree with I-Lew, but in this case there is crossover, since Klitschko was landing hammer shots to the wrist.

Max Resist is correct, as usual.

lol...none taken.

I'm just so frustrated with boxing, no big fights and the ones that are supposed to be big fall flat.

Just to interject: MMA = MIXED martial arts, and by definition includes boxing. As such, this is the perfect forum to discuss boxing. Anyone who actually fights, or trains martial arts, and is looking to improve, will tell you to a man that boxing is a vital and valuable skill set in that pursuit.

And on a side not let me just say this (for the 100th time in here) opinions are just that, opinions. As such they are irrefutable. Arguing an opinion is about as pointless as watering your lawn during a hurricane.

" since Klitschko was landing hammer shots to the wrist. "


"Arguing an opinion is about as pointless as watering your lawn during a

Yeah, but I water my lawn with relatively clean water...hurricanes bring in
all kinds of dirty shit with it. NOT THE SAME!

sarcasm implied for everyone but Haulport...for you I'm totally serious