Havent seen Briggs since before his return to the HW's. He used to fart
out real quick to my knowledge. Anyone seen his recent fights? Same
thing or improvements?

he just signed with Don King and Klit is fighting Brock instead

what i've seen of Briggs lately isn't an improvement over him 6 or 7 years ago, but he doesn't look any worse either

he's got a very slow work rate at times, and his power doesn't seem to be there every fight either

he does hit solid and have a good chin, but so what? Wlad still has to be the favorite

Sanders is a left handed hard puncher with a good chin

that combination can is perfect to make anyone look like crap

and if Wlad knocking down Brewster is Wlad looking like crap, then i guess you're right

Brock could not have dominated Ray Mercer like Wlad did

Wlad's jab and range and athleticism beat 95% percent of most heavyweights and make them give up hope within two rounds.

It's that other 5% that are a problem for him. Briggs, Brock are not in that 5 percent.

Brock will get snored. Anyone see his last fight where they showed
him learning boxing from HVS tapes? Embarrassing


OMFG. This is hilarity @ its best. He was getting pwned in the
am's...his dad took over and got some of those like Title boxing tapes
and taught his son from those. Zero knowledge before the vids....


yeah that's when he was a little kid though. it was funny, but it has no bearing on his career now

I'm just not impressed with Brock. At all. Guy is kinda slow, pudgy (not big for a heavy) and just doesn't excite me at all.

I will bet anyone that Wlad knocks him out inside six. Even money.