Klitschko engaged to Hayden Panettiere

NEW YORK -- "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere confirmed her engagement to heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko on Wednesday.

Appearing on Wednesday's "Live with Kelly and Michael," the 24-year-old actress was flashing a large diamond ring that prompted host Kelly Ripa to inquire what it might signify.

Panettiere confirmed she's engaged as the studio audience cheered. She added that she and longtime boyfriend Klitschko haven't set a wedding date.

Klitschko retained his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles Saturday night, unanimously outpointing previously undefeated Alexander Povetkin.

Panettiere's ring even upstaged her entrance Wednesday, when she appeared on the show wearing a live boa constrictor.

On ABC's "Nashville," Panettiere plays scheming up-and-coming country music star Juliette Barnes.


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he must just destroy that

The entire world (well the part that cares) is thinking about the same thing...

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shaqitup -

he must just destroy that

There's a video I saw on reddit where the lower part of this chick's stomach moves on every thrust.

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shaqitup - 

he must just destroy that

I was just going to say that.  He must fuck her to bits.  I have had dinner with her pops many times because he is friends with my uncle, and he is a cool fucking guy with a pretty hot little GF.  He is funny and says that he sometimes wont speak to her for months which i think is fucked up but he said she is all over the place.  I actually think Hayden took him to Russia for the fight. 


He destroys it in more ways than one. Rumor is that the relationship is abusive and Panettiere actually enjoys it. The rumor also says that her dad molested her.


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PaulyMolitor - She's going to downsize his kids to runts. He should go after something bigger.

yeah they'll probably only be 6'3

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You guys really find that chick hot? She has a nice face but a weird body. Short arms, weird insertions. Then again, some dudes find Miley Cyrus hot...