Klitschko/Fury rematch set July 9, same as UFC 200

Tyson Fury will fight Wladimir Klitschko on July 9 at Manchester Arena


Decisions, decisions Phone Post 3.0

Shots fired? Phone Post 3.0

Fury and Klitch fight will start way before UFC 200 even starts Phone Post 3.0

Vlad vs fury 2 is much less appealing than conor nate 2 Phone Post 3.0

This will be on at 2pm/5pm usa, little crossover Phone Post 3.0

Wlad won't beat him.

Nobody seemed to care the first time around, guessing even less will care this time. I'm interested in it, but the American fans haven't seemed to really care about Wlad.

I hope deontay wilder fights the winner Phone Post 3.0

Hbo or ppv? Phone Post 3.0

i will be watching both. huge Klitschko fan. Age beats em all but Wlad is the superior fighter here. first fight was awful. hopefully this one is at least a decent fight or a ko.

Oh snap Phone Post 3.0

The first fight was pretty bad not sure how much excitement there will be for the rematch

Americans don't care for either of those guys. Wlad was once a killer but lately he's just been the jab n jog King. And Tyson Fury is an uncoordinated oaf... Total dork, not fun to watch fight. Phone Post 3.0

Hoping it's on HBO and I can watch it before I head to the arena for 200

i was really considering getting tickets for fury/vlad 2,but that weekend of sports is ridiculous: ufc 200, fury/vlad 2, UEFA Euro 2016 Final( 10th july)

I mean, I'll watch the fight but I'm not dying from anticipation after that first one. Phone Post 3.0