Klitschko hate is ridiculous

A lot of you follow boxing ardently, like Striker18. And a lot of you are probably only occasional fans. So for W. Klitschko to lose to someone you haven't heard of - Corrie Sanders - and then to Lamon Brewster, he probably seems really bad, right?Let me enlighten you.Corrie Sanders is, in my opinion, one of the great Dark Horses/spoilers in boxing today. He's a southpaw, explosive as all hell, a power-puncher, and he's around 6'2". The simple physics of it allow him to punch with a lot more speed and frequency than someone who is, say, 6'6". Brewster is by no means a bad boxer, and has a damn fine record. That said, his fight with W. Klitschko had me raising my eyebrows, especially in the aftermath:-Klitschko went 12 rounds with Chris Byrd, considered one of the most agile and athletic heavyweights out there today. And yet he cannot go 5 against a largely stationary Brewster?-His blood sugar was found to be four times the normal level.-Don King laid a huge bet on Brewster just before the fight. The odds dropped from 10:1 to 4:1, if I am not mistaken.I subscribe to conspiracy theories no more than the average fellow, but Don King adds a distinct element of corruption to almost any fight, especially those with surprising results. So is Klitschko hypoglycemic? Was he doped with something?I have no idea. For the sake of his boxing career, I hope that this was a freak event, whatever that entails. I honestly doubt that conditioning was the problem here.Those of you who are seeing doom for the Klitschko brothers seem terribly uninformed to those of us with a more firm grasp on the boxing world in general. Vitali could very well lose to Sanders, but that does not make him a chump; Sanders is a very good boxer.Likewise, Brewster beat Wlad, but there were extenuating circumstances, objectively speaking. We can at least agree on that.So please, stop with the idiocy. Read some Shakespeare, dudes.A thousand victories, once foil'd.

I'm still a fan and glad he is not retiring. I will be at Staples Center to see Vitali win the title.

W. Klitschko is not a bum heavy weight but what he showed in that fight is that like most big punchers he can dish it out but can not take it. with the heavy weight division being as bad as it is he will always have a shot at winning the title. Now for Lamon Brewster lets not make him out for something he is not he never beat any name fighter before W. Klitschko the only known fighter he fought before W. Klitschko was Clifford Etienne and he lost to him. The only good mark on Lamon's resume was that he was a tuf fighter to stop. As for the beating odds it went from 10-1 to 4-1 because of the late money on Brewster when ever this happens on any sporting event the odds will change to shift some of the beating dollars. As for Don King beating on the fight I haven't heard of that I think that if Don King did beat he is smart enough to let someone else place the bet. As for Corrie Sanders lets not make him up to be something he is not the majority of his fight were over seas and the biggest name he fought was a loss to Hasim Rahman. Like I said before with the sorry state of the heavy weight division any of the above fighters can win the title but they are far from being great heavy weights. Lennox Lewis who is not on top of my list of great heavy weights is head and shoulders better then the above heavy weights.

"W. Klitschko is not a bum heavy weight but what he showed in that fight is that like most big punchers he can dish it out but can not take it."

Like why does this "glass chin" bullshit come up SOOOOO often?

Everytime somebody gets knocked out, suddenly they've got a glass chin... could it be that those guys hit real hard and if it catches you in the wrong spot you're out?

And 'suspect' chin compared too who? Maori/Tongan mofo #1 2 and 3? (Tua style)... WEll, derr! Everyone has a glass chin compared to someone like David.

If Klitschko had a legitimate problem which caused him to gas (high blood sugar level, viral infection, etc), then this lost is not going to end his career. If he just gassed because he was incredibly tight and nervous and threw too many punches then he should be written off.

I still think his brother will beat Sanders next week and probably unify the belts.

It should be pointed out that when you're exhausted, punches have a LOT more of an effect on you.

Oh, btw, Olympic gold medalist.