Klitschko vs history's best

"I dont think the cut's were noticeably worse round after round. I dont think that it was much different in the sixth , than it was in the fifth"

so do you believe it should have been stopped in the 5th?

"Yes , but they are usually stopped when the cut is getting worse and impairing vision , blood dripping into the eye etc"

keyword: usually

bottom line, was the cut serious enough to stop the fight in your opinion?



i think that pretty much sums up the thread... if a blue-namer can post the pic's that would be great, that was one of the most gruesome cuts in boxing eva

ttt for a blue namer to post some pics

I won't even get into shit unless it's same old "ali vs. Tyson" crap. I just get sick of it.

Here's why Vitali would have much more of a chance against any of those guys that some seem give him:


Not only is he big, he's smart, and he uses his size. He knows how to pace himself. He has a nearly pornographic jab, hook, 1-2, and just finished a fight with a double uppercut. He's not only looked amazing against everybody since Lewis, he's practically looked bored. Even against Sanders, who had him nervous for obvious reasons, plus he's a southpaw.

Every boxer that size has had his moment and then disapeared, cause their body can't handle the stress. Cause they can't adjust when somebody figures their game out. Vitali doesn't have much, if any, of those problems. he's smart, he comes in with a strategy and a few back up strategies, he conserves his energy, and he just about destroyed a top journeyman's eye with his jab after 2 rounds in case you guys missed it. He may not be the most technical, but he's pretty friggin' technical, and he's pretty friggin' big too. The guy has more than a chance of beating any of the top legends in their prime.

Losses to all but 2... and the two wins come by luck... hes not a hall of famer by any means... so can we just drop it =P

Kilt vs. Krull... Krull wins by decision

on paper vitali matches well with a lot of those guys... but paper doesnt tell the whole story, lets not forget he lost his two biggest fights.

hes a very good heavyweight but i dont think hes yet earned this hype