Kmart wants the max!?

I read that Kmart is looking for a max extension... something like 70 million!

The man is an all-star no doubt but not a franchise player

Jefferson is the man on that team now (after Kidd) not Martin. If he wants the max, he can try and get it in another city.

He's only an all-star because he plays in the Eastern Conference. He is not worth the max.

he's only an all star because of Jason Kidd.

bounce players do not make other players better. If you think about it you'll realize that it's a silly myth.

Kmart was not quite an all-star this year but has been great in the playoffs. I can't think of a scenario in which I'd give him the max, especially for the Nets.

Well, perfect passes and alleyoops by Kidd certainly helps him with his pts. Capitalizes on his speed in transition.

Players might not make other players BETTER, but they can certainly help their stats. Tim Duncan, KG, and Shaq all create open-shot and open-lane opportunities for their teammates.

lol, badass yellow boy for Webb. :)