Knee Bar ........

Oleg's knee bar was frikkin sick!!!

Frikkin' sick?

Or frikkin' rehearsed?

Does the commentator think he's a pirate or something? Why does he keep calling Kerr a cur? I don't think there is anything cowardly or despicable about Mark at all. If I was Mark I would beat his fucking ass on the way out of the cage.

fucking HTML

I'm so tired of seeing guys kneebar with the inferior both-hands-pulling grip. The arm-thru grip that Oleg used is by far the better way to lock the knee.

That said, Kerr looked awful. Very, very sad.

Kerr looks weird

Mark Kerr DOMINATED Abu Dhabi. Undefeated multiple time Champ. Submitted and beat the best guys on the planet. Yet, he made zero attempt to escape that kneebar.

Add that to the fact that he and Oleg trained together at BHJJC years ago. How do I know this? I actually watched them train together while Darrell Gholar and Marcus Vinicius beat the living shit out of me.

Mark is a very nice guy and its sad what his life has become. But someone needs to prevent him from fighting ever again.

Ken P, if you have any conscience at all, don't let Mark fight again unless its against Shannon Ritch.