Knee brace?

I have a torn meniscus in my knee which won't necessarily require
surgery (in face I'm trying to avoid this at all costs).

Does anyone know of a good knee brace to use under knee pads
for grappling? i want to keep my knees protected and secure-

If you dont mind an inquiry,are you avoiding this because of financial reasons, or because you dont want surgery? If its for the latter, i wouldnt worry about it. I had mine scoped several years ago, and right after the operation,( about 3 hrs ) i was walking around the mall shopping with the family. Maybe im one of the lucky ones, but it wasnt that bad for me.

No, I have insurance but I've heard a lot of mixed things about
meniscus repair--recurring tears, more pain down the road,
having to get "re-stitched", etc..this cartilage does not heal since
there is no blood supply to the area so I hesitate.

Are you grappling now and physically active with no problems?
Can I ask where you had this done?