Knee Brace?

I popped my knee out of place again in class tonight. What sucks is I did it while practicing a simple hip toss. If I plan on doing anymore training I am going to need a knee brace that has a lot more lateral support than the one I am using. I need one that has metal braces down the side but I am worried that it could cause a problem while doing hard rolling. Are there any braces out there that are metal and have a fabric covering? Is there anyone else that has dislocated their knee and what kind of brace are you using?

Your best bet would prolly be to go to a medical supply store. They should have something that would suit your needs.


Thanks Steve

Mayfield: Were you wearing wrestling shoes?

Check out this link:

Kai- I wasn't wearing shoes at the time.

Johnny- Thanks for the link.

It sounds like you have a torn ACL and / or MCL. Your knee should not "pop" out of place. I suggest seeking an orthopedic surgeon immediately; if you're in the Chicago area I can reccomend mine.

While if may not affect you now other than an annoyance, eventually you may see severe instability as your ligaments become stretched out on either side. Additionally, you will become more prone to cartilage damage and arthritis.

New Edge Technologies - you will thank me later...

Everytime you pop your knee out of place you are fucking it up more. Seriously, go get it checked out!

I have been checked by a Dr. The only options I have right now are surgery or a brace.

when I have worn the hinge brace rolling I have cut people with it. Wo you have to wrap it with 50 yards of brown medical gauze Saku-style to prevent injuring them, but it limits mobility big time.

Sometimes, if you have torn cartlidge, this can put your knee out of place. I have had mine lock up while trying to keep someone off of me, and was pushing with my legs. Fortunately, I noticed it in time, stopped them, and had a chance to turn the lower leg a bit, and then it was fine. As far as the ACL being a bad experience, for me, it depends. The only thing bad, is that I have a cyst in behind the knee, which is a real pain in the ass. For the first 24 hrs, I had a femoral block, which is a needle in the main nerve, which numbs the leg. No pain.......perfect!!

hardcore makeout sessions are the best for shitty knees

damaged knees suck. All the good knee braces always will either make you uncomfortable or scratch up your partners. Which is good for tournaments I guess, but not for your friends. I have that problem as well and Im going to check those links out, thanks for them.

To protect my training partners when I wear my hinged knee braces (the hinges are covered), I wear knee pads (Trace open back knee pads)over the braces. None of my partners have been hurt or have complained about my braces. Make sure to try the pads on over your brace or you might buy a size that is too small, which could restrict circulation or reduce mobility. A downside to this multi-layered approach is that it gives you partners something to grab when going no-gi and your leg won’t slip thru as easily on some half guard passes.

get duct tape and wrap up a couple of cheeseburgers around your leg. the regerative effect is amazing.