Knee Injuries

Within the past six months I've been having back/hip issues (sciatic nerve) that started hurting so bad that I had to take some time off and try to get better. My doctor(s) journey eventually led me to an sports ortho dr to check out my knee that I hurt about a year and a half ago to see if that was the root of the problem

I'm a little depressed....apparently I'm getting knee surgery. took the doctor all of 30 seconds to diagnose torn acl, probable meniscus....waiting on mri to see what other damage.

Meeting Wed. to discuss mri and surgery options. I know there's alot of guys here that have had this surgery. Was hoping you'd share your surgery/recovery stories to give me an REAL idea of when I may be back and how my knee may feel

know there's some people out there with knee stories...

I completely tore my lateral meniscus during a wrestling match my senior year in high school. My knee kept popping then locking up during the match. I would snap my leg out straight and it would fix it. Finally it did it and i couldnt get it unlocked half way through the match.

Went to the doctor and discovered i had torn my meniscus and had a slight tear in my acl as well. I had the option of having the Menicus arthoscopicly(Spelling?) and that would give me about a 2 week recovery. But since i tore my acl and it would take a few months to heal i had it repaired. It was a good 6 months before i was back to near 100%. So it kind of sucks but i can do some cool tricks on crutches now.

i meant arthoscopicly removed...