knee injury from rotation, serious?

My knee has started giving me problems again (took a thai kick right on the knee years ago, was on crutches for a while). I did two things, first some stair sprints and then some drills that involved rotating on one leg. Now my knee is acting up. Its not swollen, but occasionally when I step down it hurts and doesn't move right. It also bothers me when I ride my bike.

RICE or doctor?

Advil, Aleve... ice when it really hurts..

keep progressing with pain go to the doctor to get an mri.

you probably have some scar tissue in your knee from the original incident. What happens when you do something srenious is just a little inflamtion that you wouldnt normally feel is increased by the scar tissue.

Just listen to your knee and dont do the things it doesnt like.

It is still bothering me, I can ride my bike and its perfectly fine but if I walk more than a short distance it starts to catch on the front outside tendon. If I take some aspirin it gets better.

I really don't want an knee injury right now, I have a trip coming up where I need to do a bunch of hiking.