knee injury....ouch!

I was at a bjj class on Wednesday and all of a suddent my knee
began to "lock up" on me--felt a sharp pain, hard to bend all the
way and it got swollen later on. It got so bad that by Friday
morning I went to the doctor and then I had to get an MRI done--I
should know the results within a week.

So right now I can't roll, I can't bend my leg all the way or extend it
all the way. I can't even walk all that far without a break. I'm afraid
it might be a torn meniscus or something.

Anyone out there have any encouraging knee injury stories for
me? I hate not being able to roll.

Probably a torn meniscus if it's locking up on you. Go see the orthopedist - surgery is pretty straight forward - o-scope w/several months recovery. Make sure you wear a good knee brace once you get back to training (body glove makes one I like). good luck

Today is day # 4--the problem isn't pain as much as the stiffness
in my leg--I still can't straighten it out all the way or bend it past a
certain point. The knee is inflamed.

It is cool to hear stories of encouragement, keep them coming on!
(as long as they are true) It helps my mental state!

Has anyone had a torn meniscus repaired? Were the results good
enough to let you roll again?

Heal fast NYCBUZZ!

The range of motion problem could be due to fluid or swelling in the joint. Try RICE (Rest,Ice,Compression, Elevation) until you get the results of the MRI.

I have been dealing with knee pain for years. I played small college football and the lingering knee pains were definaly not worth it. The one thing I have learned is not to push it. Is sucks not being able to roll, but its better to take some time off and completely heal than to come back to early and you will have to take time off, off and on for a while because it never really heals. Take care of yourself.

I tore the meniscuc in both knees and I have torn LCL's in both knees..

I am planning surgery at some point but I ahve been saying that for years...

I've been hearing that some people can have a torn meniscus and
function fine--having a tear doesn't mean that surgery is
required--do you have much pain even though you're training
with two torn meniscus?

Had the meniscus surgery done a couple of years ago, I was walking 3 days later, and had full range of motion after about 3 weeks. Rehab is kind of a bitch, and I ended up with patellar tendonitis from it, but well worth it.

Bottom line, if it's locking up have an orthopedist look at it. Knee injuries don't go away. Sorry dude.