Knee Injury

I was grappling and my knee got twisted and I heard a pop. I can walk ok it just feels stiff. I don't have any swelling yet but the inside of me knee is sore to touch. I am just a little nervous because of the popping sound.

I read on line that an MCL sprain, which is what it feels like, with a popping sound usually involves the ACL. It doesn't necessarily feel that unstable just sore because it only happened a couple of hours ago.

That popping sound is definitely a frightening thing to hear when your knee is twisted.

All I can advise is to elevate it, stay off of it as much as possible, ICE it (NOT HEAT!), and if you think you really messed it up then see a doctor. If not, just wrap it up and like i said, ice it. Popping isn't always a bad thing, but pain or limited range of motion is something to get checked out. Hope the knee is better.

see a doctor, could definitely be a tear or partial tear of a ligament.

I did the same thing, I thought it was an MCL, turned out to be a torn meniscus, i had surgery march 5th to get it repaired.

I was back on the mat 3 weeks later, but i am very selective who i am training with.

sounds like what happened to me. torn meniscus. If it isn't too bad and you are young the doc may take a wait and see approach and it could heal on its own.

I had a partial tear and took 3-4 weeks off. When i got back on the mat I wore a brace for about 6 weeks and had a couple moments wear i would feel bad pain or tweak it, but after about 3 weeks of that I am now fine.

Also very selective who I train with even now. No wrestler noobs who are gonna go crazy on me lol.

Seek medical help on

When I woke up today it is pretty stiff but I can walk on it and go up and down steps without a lot of difficulty. The pain is mostly on the side and towards the back of my knee. Sort of feels like a bruise but without any discoloration. I am encouraged because I don't have a feeling of instability in the knee.

I am 36 so I don't heal quite as fast as I used to. I am going to try to get a doctors appt. but these doctors nowadays can't get you scheduled without a week or two notice.

 This has been helping me visualize what the heck has been going on inside my poor knee recently:

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I went to the doctor this afternoon. He said I had sprained my LCL. I asked about the poping sound. He said it might have been a slight tear in ligament. If it doesn't feel better in a week, I have to go back.

That was the same exact diagnosis that I got except I sprained my MCL.

Good luck with it and hopefully there is no tear!

I had the same thing, turned out to be a torn/sprained knee capsule. The key thing is swelling. If it swells a lot, you're probably screwed. If it doesn't swell, it will probably heal on its own in a month. There are exceptions, but that sounds exactly like my injury, which ended up being good as new after a month. Just be nice to it, as it will hurt like a sonofabitch if someone drops their weight on it while you're playing guard, like the scissor sweep position.

I did my MCL a few months ago. Sucks.

Ron Mexico is spot on with that, the range of motion due to swelling.

I work on the range of motion constantly and started doing it the day of the surgery.

Thats the number 1 reason i am careful who i train with, they must have the ability to stop instantly and be very good with their body control.

One benifit is that the techs i am use to doing that involve that leg, i now am forced to use the other side and it's a whole new game for me.

i definitely feel for you guys. I've been out for the last six weeks. torn medial ligament. just started to get back into it very slowly.