knee injury...

hi guys i just need some advice...about 2 years ago i was slamed and imediately went in to pain on my left knee,got x-rays and showed no damage to the bones..and was reffered to a orthepedic but never followed up. it never healed fully but when it was sore my knee didnt have complete movement. i could not lock it straight or bend it back pass a 90 degree angle but after months it started to slowly gain movement but even after 2 years it was only about a couple days ago i was wrestling and tryed a sweep than heard it pop and now it is back to 50% or lower but theres no swelling,n-e-ways i need some good advice...what kind of injury does this sound like and what could be best for it..with out doctors involved i have no health insurance for now.

no idea, but ttt anyways

just because theres no visible swelling donsent mean that there isnt swelling. It sounds like you may have hurt one of your ligaments in the knee. Where exactly do you feel pain? Certain ligaments heal without surgery. When he slamed you how did you land? I know it was a while ago but these are questions that help in determining the condtion.

You have to get an MRI. You may have torn your ACL or another ligament in your knee.

Yep, you need an MRI in all liklihood. X-rays will not show ligament damage. I had ACL and meniscus surgery on my right knee in 2001 and had meniscus surgery in December 2003. Rehab for the first surgery REALLY sucked, the second one wasn't too bad. They both feel gimpy at times but much better than before the surgery.

Good luck to you.


Sounds like a meniscus tear. Sometimes pieces of meniscus will block movement within the joint. Have an MRI taken and see an Orthopedic Surgeon. The I haven't had the meniscus surgery but as far as I know it is nowhere as extensive as the ligament reconstruction. They simply remove it and that's it. You may have arthritis problems in the future though.

useless...what up man,yeah i tore my knee thinkin its a meniscus problem also..i cant take an mri yet im waiting for my benefits to kick in but this is the second time i tore this knee the first time was the slam and it really swelled that time..."when he slammed you how did you land"well i got slammed pretty much how tito slammed tanner but from the back (my back was facing his chest and rite before i landed my body was kinna sideways and i tryed to break the fall by putting my left leg out kinna in a scissor motion and as soon as my left foot touched ground it pretty much snapped from my posture and the force that i was going down.the second time was just a basic sweep that reripped my messed up knee i guess.

man that sucks.

If it is your meniscus then they may or may not repair it. Sometimes they'll just take it out all togtether and other times they'll repair it. It all depends on what part of the meniscus. One section of the meniscus has decent blood supply so they can repair it, but the other 2 sides they'll just take it out.

they try to leave as much in place that they can.


what meniscus?