Knee injury.

Hello all,

I injured my knee at a judo tournament. I guess it is a good time for me to concentrate on my upper body.

What are some body weight exercises do when any of you are injured?

I am thinking dips, pullups, finger pushups on knees.

Anyone else?


Hand stand push ups.


Once healed from surgery...How do you strengthen your knee?

knee popped in training recently also was wondering the same thing. If anyone here has had a knee injury torn ligament or what not could you guys please post your experiences and what you did to rehab. Feeling like shit now cause I can't train so any input would be greatful.


Bruce ~

Kneecap popped outwards? Well, firstly I'd advise seeing a physiotherapist to identify exactly what you, but if its a patella dislocation only, I have a couple of lifts. Firstly, light weight high rep squats are great. Dont go to rock bottom tho. Get to roughly where your upper leg is parallel to the floor. Dont flare your feet too much, though a little may increase comfort. Secondly, you know the machine whereyou sit in a chair and the weight rests on your shins. You bend at the knees letting the weight go down, and the straighten your legs to lift again. I'm pretty sure its leg extensions, but I dunno. Anyways, get light weight, like 30lbs or less, and extend your legs. Then take one leg, turn it 20 degrees out, and let your other leg drop. Lower the now angled leg about 20-25 degrees, then bring it back up. This will target that inner quad more, to increase the pull in on your kneecap. 3 sets of 10 for each leg. Thirdly, work on stretching your outer quad as well as the tendon that is on the outside of your thigh that stretches from the hip to the knee. Again, these are exercises I was told to do for strengthening my knee. I have had issue with the kneecap coming out, but I'd advise seeing a doc first...