Knee intended for Chaels face

Great win for Silva, a shame though with some of the tactics he had to resort to. Knee landed on Chaels chest because Chael moved just enough to cover up his face and let the knee hit him in the chest. I was routing and predicting a Chael win, congrats to the champ for doing what he had to do regardless of how dirty it might have been. I wonder if Chael would have let the knee hit his face and give up a few teeth in exchange for a dq victory in hindsight.

There is no way Anderson was aiming for the Chest of Chael, even if he was off by an inch he would have been dq'd, clearly he was aiming for chaels face. Chaels knees were high enough to be level with the bottom of his chin, there was no room for Anderson to aim for his chest when he started his motion. See 48 seconds

Who cares? It landed in his chest, clean finish.

Correct. Knee was aimed at the head.

You sound butthurt.

 yeah, the best striker in the history of MMA isn't very accurate.. I think you're on to something.. he really meant to get disqualified...TOTALLY BRO

Please, just stop. You have no way of proving what you are saying. Anderson threw a downward knee to his chest and it landed. End of story. I like how you included the fact that you were cheering for Chael, as if that's supposed to make us take your post seriously. Phone Post

Yeah and Anderson was using PEDs too. Oh wait...

andersons fake tap was way worse than his fake knee IMO

A kick once was aimed at a leg, but it hit the groin.....dam Phone Post

The knee was perfectly thrown and landed.

It was also completely legal.

If he'd have been aiming for Chael's face...he'd have hit Chael's face.

This is a knee to the body that I wish more fighters would use. It's great for when guys are trying to use the cage to stand up.

Where were you routing to?

I appears that he throwing the knee to the sternum but caught Chael's head with the the force of his thigh while he was coming in.

It raises the question of whether a strike with the thigh is legal or illegal under those circumstances. I think its interesting to debate

For someone hailed as the best pinpoint striker in the UFC, you mean to say that he missed Chael's head, whilst he was just sitting down?
I did not see Chael sitting up, making Silva miss his head and hit the chest instead. Phone Post

inf0 -  yeah, the best striker in the history of MMA isn't very accurate.. I think you're on to something.. he really meant to get disqualified...TOTALLY BRO
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Again, the top of Chaels knees were level to the bottom of his chin when Anderson started his motion. Instinctively he covered up his face and left his chest open. No amount of accuracy would account for this. Unless he predicted Chael would cover up and extend a couple inches upward halfway through Andersons motion which changed the trajectory to his Cheal in his chest. He is a great striker, but this is simply unrealistic

frederic - Where were you routing to?


Since you can't read his mind, entire OP is moot

When I watched it live I thought it may have been illegal, after seeing the replay during the telecast I still thought the intention may have been to go to the head. However, after seeing the gif in the thread entitled "The GIF to End All Debate", I no longer think so and I totally disagree with OP. Good job by Brian Rule!

HexRei - Since you can't read his mind, entire OP is moot

What part of "his knees were level to the bottom of his chin" is hard to understand? The opening was not there when Anderson started his motion, his chest was not exposed, If Chael stayed in the exact same position and Anderson was aiming for his chest he would have kneed Chaels knee, doesn't seem plausible

It sure seemed like it live but upon replay it was perfectly legal and perfectly placed!

I think Anderson is just that good.... Phone Post

You can see in that thread how the knee looked.

It is OBVIOUS that the knee went down at an angle towards his chest, NOT towards his chin.