Knee/Leg Strengthing Exercises?

Ok, this is the thing....How do you strengthin the area where your Fibula bone and Knee meet?

Recently my fibula bone popped out from my tibia and knee area.....and now whenever I pull my foot to my always feels like it is going to dislocate again! Any suggestions?

I do not have benefits for physio!

That sounds like a nasty injury. If you're in Ontario, there are OHIP clinics for both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. It's possible if it is a serious joint injury that can't be picked up by X-Ray, you might have to get an MRI. If that is the case then you might have to wait as long as 6 months to get one if you go through OHIP with a doctor referral. If you try to get set up outside of the GTA, it might be less time.

Check out the health and the conditioning forums under General Forums for some expert advice. But, nothing beats qualified physio so it may be worth getting a looksee.

"and now whenever I pull my foot to my always feels like it is going to dislocate again! Any suggestions?"

Ummm, don't do that lol. Actually I am being serious, I've done something similar to my knee among other things and things pop out occasionally if my knee is bent the wrong way. Pulling my foot to my head would definately not be a good thing.

Small squats are good (i.e. light weight if any and don't go beyond 90 degrees). Lunges too. Never do leg extensions again.

Deepu - I would also avoid all rubber guard set ups, and stop trying to emulate Nino so closely... :)

(Hope your knees are doing okay)

lol, I gave up on that rubber guard a while back, come to think of it, I was trying that a lot *before* my knee started popping out again.


Rene, gave you some sound advise and I echo his words when I say you need to have it looked at. People on here will give you tons of ideas about exercises and stuff but without seeing you and knowing the extent of the injury they really shouldn't guess what you should or could do.

I have many clients whose joints are a mess from years of hard and in some cases wrong training. If you want the best for yourself and your training get some one on one time with someone who can help you.


Shawn Mozen in addition to being a sardonic genius, is correct.

Thanks for the help dudes! I had it X-rayed, and the Dr. said that there is nothing wrong with it. But maybe I'll have to shell out the bucks and see a physio!

BigKiller is right about x-rays not showing anything. An MRI is the way to go but unless you have private insurance (or $600) the wait time can be like 9 months.

walking from one night club to another in downtown St.Catharines with Esfiha is a good work out. You arleady know that though.