Knee? Maybe not. Shorts? DEF YES!

I'm a huge Silva fan, but holding onto the shorts to get your shots?

That's when you let your ego take over, he couldn't afford to lose to Sonnen.

Fo' Shame, sir.

Bruce lee would not approve. Bruce Lee like water.

If Anderson hadn't landed that one punch while holding the shorts, Chael would have successfully run away and then won the fight, instead of getting hit and then running away and later losing the fight.

Bruce Lee definitely would approve, the whole point of jeet kun do is to adapt to any situation and do whatever it takes to end a fight Phone Post

Funny every time I have EVER complained about fighters holding shorts or the fence to stop or get takedowns, slams etc. everyone resounding answer is "stfu. shit happens". Now AS does it and you're all upset.

I got news for you, stfu. Shit happens.

By the way, he grabbed the fence too AS he kneed him. I saw a close up photo of it last night. And a single fuck is still not given. I also saw Sonnen sink down to the mat when he realized that standing up would get him killed. Now he can hang his head in the mean streets of West Lin.

i'm not a fan of either guy, but there was definitely shorts play, and it started before the hockey style hold the jersey and punch thing happened too.

it started against the cage when chael dropped for a takedown and as soon as chael dropped silva grabbed the top of his shorts to keep him from getting leverage. it's pretty blatant and incredibly obvious. silva actually slides his thumbs into his wasteline in anticipation of it, and things spiraled down for sonnen from there.

Def Phone Post

MY lady just gasped after seeing this.. "no Anderson!" She Phone Post

This why fighters should wear only body paint.

No homo

Take a point away from Silva for the shorts grab all you want and it does not effect the fights outcome one iota. Phone Post

Are these the illegal techniques that Seagal said they discovered were actual legal?

The knee was definitely not short to the target... Boom to the chest in a little opening... Most acurate stryker in the UFC... Phone Post

Phone Post

giff plz Phone Post


Great pic, this will be my new screensaver. Phone Post

Look at how the middleweight over powers the lightweight? Ahah Phone Post

Bwahaha Yves face in that first pic is classic!

 It was an accidental shorts grab. 

Funny thing is Anderson was holding on to Chael's shorts for like a minute straight before this, and nobody has commented on it.

I mean whatever, Chael roided, it's kind of a wash. But seriously go back and watch, he is holding on to those shorts forever before this exchange took place.

 didnt actually notice the shorts grabbing last night. good shots here.

the knee pic shows a good fence grab too

 Chael admitted he was holding on to Silva trunks as well.