Knee on belly instructionals?

Can anyone recommend knee on belly instructionals? The only I know of is by Rodrigo Medeiros. Thanks in advance.

That's all you'll ever need.

Go with Medeiros. Great stuff.


I think Mike Jen has a tape on escapes from knee on belly.

Sperry vale tudo has a knee on stomach tape. It's ok. It mostly focuses on transitions between k-o-s and mount and side control, and a few submissions.

I currently only do one escape from the knee on stomach position and it's working great for me. I think it's the first escape from that Michael Jen's tape.

You grab the lowest part of his shin (on the leg that's on your stomach) with your near hand, coming underneath, and shrimp away from him. His leg will come off.

While you're doing this escape, be prepared to breathe very heavily through your mouth ;)

bolo escapes are simple and yet high percentage.

I am more interested in tapes from an offensive standpoint, but thanks for all the suggestions.

i assumed he was talking about offensive knee on the belly tapes.

Alot of the Medeiros tape is applicable to no-gi but definetly not all since he works alot on collar chokes too. I've seen the Sperry Vale Tudo knee on stomach tape and in my opinion the stuff that is applicable to no-gi on Medeiros is still way better. I think (in my opinion) you'll still be pleased with what he shows compared to what other tapes show from this position.