Knee on head/Kimura set up/leverage?

Had a 2 stripe purple belt throw a tantrum bc I went knee on jaw/head  SLOWLEY to set up a Kimura while he was gripping his gi/belt...  I argued he could easily grab an inside single and I could have then hit a sweet omoplata attempt.... But he'd rather bitch and complain about pain motivation rather than escape to a worse position.... Anyone ever see this bitchboy behavior in gi class?

To be honest id only ever roll with people I know already will be cool with bully tactics, if its someone I don't know well or I think may bitch ill just stick to technicksh

We were all white belts and i had a guy get upset on that move.... i never did it again. He was cool afterwards but i chose never to do it again... i think i pick it up from bas big book of combaf

Cross face to the jaw