Knee on stomach position...

Someone made a dumb thread on the UG about knee on stomach, but it's funny cause I actually have that problem. I usually do pretty good, but when a guy gets knee on stomach, he just switches from side to side as I try to escape. It's hard for me to regain any type of guard or reverse the position as well. I usually switch from being pretty offensive and defensive to just being defensive and hanging on to ride it out.

I don't get caught in too many subs, but it's just annoying to be stuck there. Any suggestions?

I like to try to control his knee and ankle and put him into my half guard. If that doesn't work, the other escape I like alot is to bump him with my leg and get to my knees, but that escape can be hard with the gi.

The problem with going to the knee is that he is able to switch up and armbar you on the other side. I find it better going for the foot:-)

Shove his leg straight down toward your feet into your half guard. Works really well.

Turn and take the kneebar or armbar.

See Imanari to see what I mean,.