Knee pain with normal x-ray and mri

Warning! May be FRAT. Some background info. I've been having knee pains for approximately 8 years. It's in both my right and left knee. It hurts when I walk, bend, stretch, everything. I have had several x-rays and mri's from three different orthopedic surgeons. Every x-ray and mri has come back normal. They all said I am perfectly health. My pain is still consistent. To the point where I'm limited in my abilities to do anything physical. No working out, no running, no squatting. I'm at a loss as to what the hell is going on. Anyone else have experience with this or know someone who has?

I have been to physical therapy three times as well to work with my knees, to no avail.

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Do you have a history of athletics that are tough on your knees?

I played football for a couple years, but never made it past the first game due to other injuries, not involving my knees.I was an a pretty avid runner up until they began to bother me as much as they are now. I ran 5-6 5k's a year.

Has the pain been getting worse or has is stayed the same all these years? They didn't notice any damage to the joints?

Onset of osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, perhaps.


The pain has slowly been getting worse over the years. There is no damage to the joints that I was told about. They just keep saying that I'm perfectly health.

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What did they have you do in physical theorpy?