Knee Pain

Wondering if you guys can help me out. My right knee has been pretty sore as of late. It's not an ACL/MCL type of injury. Didn't hear a pop or remember injuring it in class or anything. I just woke up one day to some dull pain.

It hurts when I curly my heels to my butt and there's opposing resistance against the heel. The pain is primarily in the back of the knee. It doesn't hurt when I do any other type of motion.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have something sort of similar. Today I was taking a nap and someone rang the doorbell, I guess I got out of bed when I was still asleep because the first thing I remember is being on the floor with my knee hurting.

I went right back to sleep after that and now my knee is hurting whenever I put pressure on my leg and also when I attempt to curl my heel to my butt. I think it's a little swollen but I didn't hear any popping, then again I don't remember falling so who knows.

If it's still hurting in two weeks, go to prompt care. Diagnosing stuff like this isn't too difficult for an experienced doctor who can do some hands on, but impossible with so little info. (you didn't give age, workout regime, or medical history).

Good luck.