Knee popped !

hey guys just a quick question for anyone out there who's ever had there knee popped. Was rolling earlier and mad a guy in my guard, while he was trying to pass I had one of my legs across his face, while trying to replace guard he came down with his weight on my left leg and I heard a poping sound. I'm wondering if this is a serious injury as I didn't feel much pain after. I've realize though that with some injuries you don't feel it till the next day. I had a similar experience roling with crazy Bob Cook from AKA way back in the day except I was going for a triangle while he was trying to pass guard and he placed his knee on my thigh as I was swinging my leg around. I heard a pop than to and the knee felt fine but the next day my knee was swollen and I could barelly walk. A short trip to the doc revealed I had a partially torn ligament. Just wondering if the knee popping might just be the knee coming out the socket and trying to get an idea of how serious this condition is as I'm already pretty paranoid with anything remotely concerning my knee. Any info you guys could post on your injuries or possibly what this might be would be appreciated.


Bruce ~

A popping sound is never good (unless it's like the ones where you're cracking your knuckles). I've had my knee popped a few times and these days it can lock up. To fix it, I simply force my leg to straighten by putting my weight on it and things are all good again after yet another pop. The damage however is permanent. I could get surgery again but I'm sick of that (have had 4 already) so I'm just using a knee brace and changing my game.

If your knee feels unstable after the pop, then it's worthwhile going to an orthopedic surgeon to get it tested as it can mean anything from partial/full ligament tears to meniscal tears and might require surgery.

appreciate the info bro, hope its not that bad though. Already a pain dealing with one knee with a partial tear now this. Hasn't swelled up or anything yet but definetly doesn't feel right. Have alittle pain right along the boney part long the outside bottom half of the knee. Thanks again for your input.


Bruce ~

"...but definetly doesn't feel right. Have alittle pain right along the boney part long the outside bottom half of the knee"

If that persists, go to a doc. Also check out glucoseamine while you're at it ... I've been taking it for over a year now and *maybe* it's more than a placebo ... still not convinced about it's wonders but I think it's working.

it's funny you mention glucoseamine that was one of the first things that came to mind after iceing it when I got home. I actually popped a few of them suckers, but like you said not all convinced about it's effects. Just waiting to see right now if it will swell up like my other knee. The tear I believe is on the outside of the knee as opposed to my other knee which I sustained a partial tear on the inside of the knee. It's been about say a good 6-7 hours and so far so good as far as the swelling goes but it definetly doesn't feel right. I can move about ok not much pain when I walk but when I turn or pivot off the injured leg I do feel something along the boney part. I think I'll tape it up later today and see how it feels. Was wondering what your opinion is on seeing a doc? I've seen one before for the other knee and all he did was take an x-ray and show me a few exercises to rehab. Pretty sure nothing broken just thinking to myself when might be a good time to start doing those leg extensions, leg curls etc or should I give it some more time to rest. Wondering to myself when I'll be able to roll again, was scheduled to compete 5/15 but I'm pretty sure thats out of the question now. Appreciate the feedback thanks again.

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"Was wondering what your opinion is on seeing a doc? I've seen one before for the other knee and all he did was take an x-ray and show me a few exercises to rehab."

With full ligament tears, physios and ortho surgeons can manipulate your leg and tell quite a bit. These days an mri is what's suggested instead of x-rays as you can also see the meniscal tears in detail.

"Pretty sure nothing broken just thinking to myself when might be a good time to start doing those leg extensions, leg curls etc or should I give it some more time to rest."

Exercises have to be pretty much prescribed by physios with knee injuries. Like I was told never to do leg extensions but I had a full acl tear. So hold off on exercises. R.I.C.E., rest, ice, compress, elevate was something my physio had said for joint injuries.

"Wondering to myself when I'll be able to roll again"

I've ended up messing shit up more by getting back on the mat too soon. Play it by ear, but if it continues feeling funny, go see someone.

The technology has come a long way now. My instructor is recovering from having an acl replaced and he started rolling light 4 months after surgery and that's pretty damn impressive.

Check the strength and conditioning forum, there's probably a faq by now for knee injuries.

Thanks again for the response. Well finally got some rest got up and my knee if pretty dam stiff. Hurts pretty much when I put pressure or extend my leg. When it's bent 90 degree's sitting or what not it feels fine until that is I try to stand up thats when I really feel it. Going to try and see a doc tomorrow and get some crutches. Keeping my fingers crossed it's not serious and I can get back on track with some exercises and some rehab. The doc told me that having knee surgery can lead to a quicker onset of arthritis and joint pains? Wondering if you have any pro's and cons to having the operation and maybe shed some light on your own progress. Your response is much appreciated as you can imagine I'm kinda in a rut now not being able to do much but hobble around.


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Pop with swelling is universally bad. My recommendation as an ER doc would be to get in to see an orthopedist. Plain xrays dont show squat when it comes to ligaments and cartilage. In our sport you dont want to mess around on a partial tear converting it to a full tear. deepu is right in that you can tell alot with the physical exam. MRI is gold standard for soft tissue injuries. Dont f around on it as you dont want to worsen it. I would get crutches at a pharmacy, immobilize it with a knee immobilizer. Elevate it and try not to walk on it until cleared by an orthopedist. Good luck.

Thanks Pb hoping to see a doc here tomorrow, and probally get an MRI when I get back to the states. Actually out in Taiwan now. Will get cruches tomorrow as it's a pain in the ass limping around and going down flights of stairs. Just my luck I'm on the top floor of my building with no elevator access. Whats your take on surgery though PB been reading on the forums from people who've had it done, I'm looking into the long term effects. I was told early on by my doc that anytime you operate on the knee it will never be the same again? Wondering if thats the case with most people and if I do elect to have the operation which procedure would you recommend? Cadaver or the graft? I still tend to be pretty active in the sport and am seriously contemplating the logic of that with what maybe two town ligaments in both knees now. I'm not even in my 30's yet and my knee's feel worn down.

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I ripped up my acl when I was 17 playing rugby. I waited 3 years until surgery and by the time I got it, my knee was a complete mess. Most of the meniscus was ripped up and had to be removed, and since then I've been back for 3 more arthroscopes (from basketball and bjj). Yeah I already have osteo-arthritis and I haven't hit 30 yet, but it's far from advanced. It hurts with weather and shit but nothing crippling. I started bjj 4 years ago and have been going at it strong so it doesn't affect me enough so that I have to stop. My latest lock ups have made me change my game though, I certainly favour one side.

No your knee won't be the same after surgery, but if you've messed things up bad enough, it'll be much better than what you've got.


agree with deepu. I would get a dr I trust and get his opinion based on your injury. If its screwed up bad now, it will never be the same anyways. See what he says. Get someone reputable. Last thing you want to do is take something half broken and break it completely.

thanks for the post guys, ok to update you guys I had a checkup today at the docs. He did a short physical exam and x-ray and good news is he thinks it's just a bad sprain but I'm wondering how reliable the physical exam is? The X-ray I agree is pointless he told me it's nothings broken which I kinda figured. He gave me some anti inflamatory pills and basically told to rest it up 4-5 days and if nothings better by than to go back to get it looked at again and maybe an mri. Crossing fingers hoping it's just that a bad sprain and I'll be back to normal within a few weeks. My Rang of Motion in the knee seems to be fine today however if I sit for awhile and try and stand up straight initially there's pain other than that and walking around with a limp I see to be ok. Appreciate the responses so far it's been very helpful. Thanks again guys.

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My classmate was at the Gracie Worlds and heard his knee pop; turns out he tore his ACL almost all the way in half. His story about the injury , surgery, etc. is posted on