Knee Popping?

If someones knee pops when you have them in a heel hook, even if you werent squeezing it, and it doesnt hurt till the next day, is it automatically knee damage, or could it have just twisted the right way

I have been in heel hooks and ankle locks,in training,and had them both pop.

But it not the popping sound of a bone breaking,it`s must be something like when you crack your knuckles.

Because I never felt pain after about 10 minutes.

usually its 2 pops you need to be aware of.. pop pop. Usually that indicates ligiment tear. Depending on how bad he is hurt he should see if it heals over a week.

If it is obviously damaged he should get an MRI and see a specialist. He will need either rest or surgery or both.

If you damage a ligiment and dont let it heal you will damage more.

my knees pop all the time. just by moving my leg up and down similiar to a leg curl I can pop it, and the knee pops real easy from a heelhook. I don't know what that means, I've had slight knee problems in t he past but nothing serious.

it was just one pop, and then it didnt hurt for the rest of the day, it only started to hurt the next morning

"my knees pop all the time. just by moving my leg up and down similiar to a leg curl I can pop it"

Me too. But if you feel pain after your knee pops the odds are you just tore a ligament. My knee popped and I felt pain and my acl was completely torn. Tell him to get an mri to be certain.

Knees are just more trouble then they're worth.

When I blew out my ACL the poppping sound it made was loud as fuck... I knew something was wrong. That and my leg buckled everytime I put too much weight on it.

when I tore completely through my ACL, PCL, and LCL in one motion, it was LOUD!!!!! Sometimes pops are just like popping your knuckles. Other times, it's bad. If he has ay question, he should see a doc.

no shame

ya it sounded like a knuckle cracking

I tore my mcl and my meniscus, my knee pops all the time now too.

This thread makes me cringe.

my knee made a loud pop noise when i was heelhooked. it didn't hurt right then so i figured i was fucked the next day, but nothing happened. Kirik said it might have just been air realesed from the knee or something. Who the heck knows but i haven't had an ounce of pain from it and this was a year ago.