Knee Ride Escapes?

How do you like to escape kneeride?

Preferably without a gi.

I'd like to know as well.

Grab their belt with one hand, push their knee with the other and shrimp away from them.

I can usually scoot my hips out to the opposite and scrape it off with my elbow. Another one I use is to wrap my arm around the shin and between the bent leg with my hand finally resting on his inner thigh then use both hands to push the knee off while sitting up.

Put both hands on the knee. Move your hips away from your opponent in order to make space and push hard on the knee. You should try to put him back in your 1/2 or full guard right away. There are other methods but that is about as simple as you can get!

be careful when you push off the knee, you leave your arm exposed for a minute and you could be asking for a straight armbar.

i escape in the transition when they go for that armbar

That's why you grab their belt, stops them going for an armbar by keeping them at distance.

you can also hook and pull the knee across with the near side arm.

you can roll them over the top


How are you? About the kneeride....I like to block and move. Far hand on the inside of his knee with the palm of my hand facing my feet ready to push down my body toward my feet. This keeps my far arm tight to my body and prevents any kind of armbar attempt. I use my inside hand to block the ankle with my plam facing up. Next, I coil my legs and place my toes as close to my but as possible. Finally, I push off my three points of contact (toes, hand on knee, hand on ankle) while pushing *down and away* on his knee and ankle. I don't push to the side. Now, even though I'm pushing on my opponent my goal is to move myself, not him.

Hope this helps and please tell Kenny to stop kneeriding you!

"Far hand on the inside of his knee with the palm of my hand facing my feet ready to push down my body toward my feet. This keeps my far arm tight to my body.."

very cool, thanks!

Very interesting Tim... great technique

Bolo's pin escapes tape on this is the definitive reference.

The one I like the best:
grab the ankle of the knee that's on my stomach with my near hand. This holds him in place as i shrimp out and put him in my guard or go to my knees and single leg him. Even if you only get back to under side control, at least he doesn't have KoS on you any more, and you're not getting knocked out.

It's very hard for the top guy to stop you from at least getting back to under side control.

I used to like the crowbar escape but people around here started to do the bicep lock very fast.

Tim Burrill, do we know eachother?

Who is Kenny?

I think you got the wrong guy.

Thanks for the advice though.

The crowbar escape is very common, you probably already know it as some other name. You put your near arm under the shin of the knee on your stomach and then hook it back towards you between his calf and hamstring. You go palm to palm, shrimp out and turn your body and levering him off you and take the top position.

When he feels your arm underhooking his leg he can take his knee off and put it on the ground, and do a bicep slicer with his shin. Also he can do a lower percentage bicep slicer when he's on his back after you do the escape.

I also don't like pushing the knee with your hand. If you must push it, push it with your elbow. Don't let him get an underhook or back underhook on either arm!

Sorry Jacob...looks like I'm confusing you with one of the Boston area guys. My apologies.

i think the easiest one is:

his right knee is on you
grab his right ankle with your right hand
left hand goes on his left hip (the far one)
swing your left leg to sit up, right elbow is down for balance
push them backwards with your left hand as you sit up

OR just bait the armbar with your left, grab his right ankle [using right hand] as he spins for it and roll over his leg and take the reverse heel hook (or side position, if you're not into that ;-) ).