kneebar dvd review

I got my copy of Dynamic Kneebars from I had previously seen the omo-plata vids and yoga for martial arts.

I think this DVD is the best one yet. Why is it the best? The production values are better than the earlier omo-plata tapes which were somewhat uneven in lighting. The material is presented in a logical, systematic manner,..which is what I feel is the strength of all of the DVD's from Grapplearts.

The DVD covers the mechanics of the kneebar (how to make it as tight and efficient as possible), varaitions, has clips from competition where the entries are deomonstrated working in competition and ,..the BEST part,..the entries and setups.

This is advanced stuff. Some stuff that I only have seen once before,..when I was caught in them and tapped to the kneebars in training. I have been to seminars with Oleg Taktarov and Eric Paulsen,..and this stuff was new to me.

Check it out.
Mark Mullen

I am anxiously awaiting for my DVD to arrive!


PS: How are things, Mark?

Hi Mike.

I was teaching BJJ at a small club in downtown Calgary for the past 6 months. Was lots of fun but the numbers never really took off so they are shelving the program at the end of November.

I see that you are still holding the most seminars of anyone in Canada. Would love to have hit that Eddie Bravo seminar. I still remmeber you talking about the "twister" years ago at Marcus' place.

We had Roy Harris here last weekend for a couple days. Was awesome. Stephan came and kicked my butt with one hand behind his back (literally).

How are things in Kingston?

Mark: Things are great here. I have been busy with lots of
traveling and training. Roy Harris is a great instructor. I have
learned a lot from the few seminars of his that I have been able to
attend. Eddie's seminar was also incredible. If you get the chance
to train with him, go for it. You won't be disappointed.


PS: Don't feel bad about Stephan kicking your butt. I remember he
showed me one of his kneebar setups a couple of years ago and
then proceeded to catch me with it about 3 times when we rolled
right after that:(

I also have a copy of the new kneebar dvd, it's very, very good.
The quality is amazing but what makes the dvd so good is the
small points that Stephan points out. I train with people who are
great at kneebars i.e. Erik Paulson and I think this dvd is a must


zugec: why did you receive your copy before I got mine?


well done stephan. this is an excellent compliment to the existing material out there. the information is organized and very detailed. as torado said, you will find new material here that you havn't seen before. i am a blue belt with marcus soares and have trained with stephan quite a bit as well as being a tape fanatic. i have been attacking and defending legs for over 5 years. that being said, stephan is an excellent instructer, he doesn't hold back on this dvd and that he is always researching and developing . where do you see counters and recounter? you will be going into kneebar from everywhere and finishing them!

again, well done steph


Thanks again for the DVDs Stephan!

ttt for an awesome DVD!

Mark, how do you get a hold of these DVD's?

I've been meaning to get the one on Omoplata as well.

Give me a call 701 0237


Dynamic Kneebars is an awesome DVD. It is actually better than Steph's omoplata video, which imo (and that of many others) was one of the best instructional videos out there. A good overview of Kneebar basics, followed by a great breakdown on entries to the kneebar, including some that are downright devious. I like the way steph shows the underlying principles for the various entries, so that you can develop your own entries.

But for my money, the best section of the DVD is counters and re-counters. I had almost given up on throwing kneebars - guys in class would counter my attempt, and then I was in a worse position. Steph has put together a great section on what the common counters are, and then how to defeat them. Great, applicable stuff that has made my kneebar attacks much more dangerous.

Great material. I would prefer if none of you buy it.

But if you must (Alex) the contact info for Steph is on his website -


Stephan mailed a few and they all were sold. Check out his website as Dogfight recommended.


Mine just arrived! Thanks Stephan.


Damn - there are too many copies out there already . . .

The best praise I can give this tape is by sharing a little anecdote:

Last week I rolled with Dogfight, who I've always thought of as a wuss and a coward. Well, I spent the entire roll fending off kneebars. And once I'd defended the kneebar with crossface or whatever, Dogfight (who almost never used to use leglocks of any sort) was totally ready for me and would transition smoothly into another position, and then another. And so on and so forth. So for the very first time, I spent pretty much my entire roll with him on the defensive. That weasel bastard Dogfight caught me several times.

I bought the tape. Everything Stephan shows is practical and interconnected. And you'd better believe I'm going to sweep the fucking mats with Dogfight the next time we roll.


Don't you have to show up to class if you are going to sweep the mats with me?

That's so insulting I won't even dignify it with a response.

I'll bring my response to the mats after New Year's.

That you haven't had the courage to reply only confirms that you are a yellow weasel, dogfight. You've finally been exposed.

steph, your dvd is awesume. how many time have you gone for knee bar and had it crushed out of you(crossfaced, lost position, arms pinned....) this will not happen to you again if you practice the stuff on this tape. fearlessly kneebar like you have never kneebared before!