Kneebar DVD & Yoga DVD

It's my yearly ritual to buy myself a few MMA-related gifts every holiday season. This year I got two DVDs from Stephen at - the kneebar DVD and the yoga DVD. Both are excellent.

The kneebar DVD covers so much stuff, it could easily be a three tape set. Stephen covers proper positions of the arms and legs, then shows many ways to get into and out of the kneebar. Then he shows how to counter the various escapes. He also shows how to drill your kneebars to make them instinctive, and what exercises will help strengthen your kneebars. Video of footage from tournaments is also used to help clarify some of the finer points. It's good stuff. My kneebar is my best attack (I think), and there was plenty of groovy stuff on this DVD that will make it even better.

I haven't watched the yoga DVD yet, but my girlfriend watched it this morning while I was at work, and said it's good 'Watch and do' kind of stuff. Then she got me in a flying triangle choke! Can you believe that? It must be good stuff.

I have Stephan's kneebar video and I think it is really good. I plan to do a full review soon.