Knees to the face

I'll admit right now- if there's one thing that scares me the most about MMA/Thai boxing its getting a knee to the face. I've taken a few light ones (very light) and when it hits you flush one the nose its terrible. I've been boxing for a little while now and while I don't like getting punched, I'm beginning to get used to it. Knees, though, are another ball game. How do you guys train knees in the gym? Who's been hit full force? I honestly don't see how anyone can continue to fight after being hit with a knee to the face. Is it a conditioning issue? Just getting used to it? Please discuss...

i think a hard shin right upside the head is worse.


Well ur face just gets used to getting beat in....boxing helps condition your head as well. You dont have to take knees to your face to get conditioned for it...although it helps.

Knees ARE another ball game.

There is no way to "get used to it". You can train hard and, especially with the boxing, get used to getting shot hard in the head, but I would refrain from having a training partner slam knees into your head so that you can "get used to it". In Thailand, when sparring, they go VERY light with the knees. It does you no good to get hurt all the time, BEFORE you get into the ring to fight.

shin to the temple has gotta be the worst...

HonkeyStyle knows.... if you don't go out from it, you feel like a bat hit you. Sucks.