Knife Attack On 2 Bouncers-Video

Let's not be pussies here. Just post the fucking link next time!

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Jeff Cooper sounds like he has been reading Geoff Thompson books

I walk around in code red from now on, ready to do some bjj on anyone that looks at me or stand's near me.

Beware imo.


From WaltJ, "Hey they're bouncers, no real loss". What a senseless statement!

Fuckin shit!! I could see some hostility brewing there, bouncers got caught slippin bigtime.

I am in code red 24 7.

What a stupid, drunk idiot that guy is. He looks like a piece of trash, he was already thrown out of the club for God knows what, but yet he's such an idiot, he must 'get back' at the bouncers by slicing them up. What a stupid way to do life in prison for something that was meaningless.

Glad to see these SPK posts back in action....This is the stuff that TMA used to teach that's pretty damn valuable...

Keep it up SPK!

what's whiter than white? translucent? I'm in code translucent most of the time.

Honestly from what I saw in my 14 years of bouncing the guy that was smoking had his guard down big time and if he would have been on point it might not have happened. You see the coward only stabbed once the guy was half ass paying attention. If he would have been on him until he made the guy leave with focused attention it probably would not have happened. I have been stabbed and it was from behind while I was fighting another guy. Always gotta be paying attention, it could save your life.

sam pai stabbed me once.
i didnt realize it for weeks.
then it was a really big ouchie.

My dad was knifed to death outside a bar during a fight, only fucking cowards carry knives.

The guy who murdered him was out in less than 3 years, only in the UK.

^ correction should be made - people that carry knives for self-defence are not cowards, they are smart.

Lord Seano....Col Jeff Cooper is the original. becomes second nature.  You are not paranoid, but relaxed and alert.

kanotoa...the best course of action would be to not allow the attacker to draw the knife.  When you are arguing with someone and they put their hand in their pocket, it should be a big red flag.

IRNBRU posted:  "My dad was knifed to death outside a bar during a fight, only fucking cowards carry knives."

I'm very sorry about your Dad.  I always carry knives and don't consider myself a coward, just prepared.  I've carried knives for approx. 30 years and have never used it or even brandished it.

LOL @ Blake Grice and bloodyknuckles!!

An example of code orange...