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What are the particulars of the CHARLIE MANSON DRILL. The failure concept I fully appreciate.

Is there a tape in the TCMS library that contains the drill?


Ahhh, more secrets. Everyone wants my secrets. Do I get secrets sent to me? No. No one sends me secrets, only links to people 'Wilde-ing' with other's secrets. Secret place you requested: visit the tactical section.

Now the secret Manson drill.

1. Select a safe practice weapon.

2. Make sure adequate protection is used [depends on people involved, type of simulated blade, etc.] You may want a mouth guard, cup, eye protection etc.

3. Defender sits down, eyes closed, back turned. [Adrenaline dump instantly.]

4. Manson member is then told a number between 4 and 28. That is how many times he must try to stab the defender.

5. The Manson member cannot change the number once the SAFETY COACH issues it.

6. The Manson member is given about 30 seconds to psyche himself/herself up for the 'RAGE ATTACK'.

7. The practice blade is concealed behind the attackers back.

8. The drill starts when the aggressor is ready and action begins in two phases [important].

a) The defender [seated] ONLY GETS UP when the attacker says: "HEY YOU!"

The defender can stand and must move away from the chair. Predator and prey begin their dance. Physical intervention on the part of the defender can only start once the attacker produces, telegraph's his intention or, obviously launches an attack.

The attacker must TRY to get in all the stabs. Slashes are OK but the real knife psychos stab. This also forces the attacker's action forward. A slash in training often produces evasion movement which is incongruous with this sort of confrontation [and one of the behavioral flaws in traditional knife training for self defense. Ponder this before anyone slams the concept].

So, the objective is not to flee nor is it to strike [unless your attacker is wearing adequate protective gear].





IN other words you need to work on tactics not technique. Trying to 'pull off' some neat move will not work in a HOLY-SHIT MOMENT, that is why we induce the adrenaline dump and create the rage attack.

This drill develops many things, but it is an ISOLATION DRILL and not to be confused with a CONTROL or SUBMISSION or COUNTERATTACK drill.

This and much more information on DEFENDING yourself from a knife-wielding wacko is available these videos:





Hope this helped.

Tony Blauer

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Tony B. thanks a bunch, helps beyound any thanks I could write or articulate.

Will get the tapes and add to my TB library.

"You are the one."

Every one should appreciate the blinding effect of the "MATRIX"

Thanks again.

L. Nat

Wow!!!!! I have never even heard of such a drill. How intense. I need to try that.

Raptor, its pretty intense and I consider it an advanced drill in that it can be ugly [both tactically and physically]; everyone loses most of the time [so dysfunctional folks & the emotionally immature and beginners seeking foundational level confidence may find this drill damaging].

Otherwise, enjoy.


What would be a better drill to start out with? Just "simple" knife attacks involving stabbing and slashing?

I'm not trying to sell my DEFENSIVE KNIFE FIGHTING tape, which contains all the basic & fundamental drills needed to safely get you started with defneding against the blade program, did I mention the tape includes solo drills, partner drills, multiple assailant drills, grip strength & grip integrity drills, plus some psychology all for only $39 plus shipping.


Do I get a free set if Ginsu knives that can cut through a tin can and still slice a tomato?

You Canadians probably never saw that commercial, eh?

While we're at it, I was looking at your webpage for S.P.E.A.R. video stuff and the link to it wasn't working. A few links weren't working. Might want to look into that.

Hey Ginsu knives are part of our culture too!!! You guys don't get to keep every good invention you know!

I'll check the link out.



Went to the site and the links seem to work OK.

Email me if you know which ones, thanks.


The broken links are here: CLICK HERE It's halfway down the page after video #26. They say: Woman's Self-Defense Video Children's Self-Defense Video Breakthrough Knife Defense Tape Advanced Street Defence Package Fear more or Fear less? Your Choice S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM fundamentals Only the Children's Self Defense Video works.

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