Knife kills white student, injures another, in unprovoked separated attacks in NYC

More violence from blm

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Other two attacks, one in the same day and another the day before, are linked to the same guy.
It’s open season on white people.

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Even in my city in Nova Scotia I know 2 seperate instances of people I know who are white being jumped and mugged buy gangs of blacks.

Truly open season like you said. Everywhere! So many white women getting raped and killed more than ever it’s crazy human trafficking aswell

“Racist white supremacists heart decides to stop beating”



So the black people that they bought ended up mugging them? And I thought Columbia was in South America? I’m so confused right now.

No black people are everywhere and their culture is different than ours. During these times more attacks are happening everywhere on whites.

If you busted out a ouija board, I bet the white dudes ghost would blame his own death on white supremacy… WAKE UP motherfuckers!

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Some knife did some things?


The people were probably wearing privileged clothing.

The financial industry told it’s employees not to dress with privilege and highlight the wealth inequality.

You can’t walk around with privilege when the police in your town have been defunded and the prisoners have been released.

Idk I haven’t seen any evidence the white guy was a lib

Are his parents going to be charged?

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He was an Italian student working on a Master at Columbia University, it was on Italian news thats why i know it (im Italian), it’s probably not even reported on US media beside local websites.
And the other injured were a german and italian tourists, while a NYC lawyer barely escaped the attack, stopped cops and got them to arrest the perp.


But was he a lib?

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