Knight Rider!!

Thank you.

Is that a Mustang?

What? it's back on TV? I used to love that show.

My first car was a black 1987 Formula Trans Am. I friggin LOVED that car!. :)

Shelby is sweet looking.

anyone know why Fickett was yelling "knight rider"?

I am so confused by this thread right now. And I'm not hungover, etc. Weird.


Lol, after Fickett won his fight last night, he started yelling "Knight Rider".

Pretty sure Fickett was hammered.

No one knows why?

Something random so people would remember him. If he didn't act like he did. Would this thread exist?

I still would have prolly started a thread titled "knight rider" I'm pretty bored right now =)

he's a tard that has a crush on Hasselhoff.

Watch the clip^^^^ Im pretty sure he was just being random

I thought it was from one of those Mad Max movies.

^ it is ^


We have lots of youngins on here though

^ it is ^

Drews the type of guy that says random things all the time. Usually ends a conversation with something like karate up, cowboy up, your a pussy, La Raza etc.. So to hear him scream Knight Rider was nothing to crazy!!!

Oh and he wasnt hammered during or before the fight just to clear that up!!