Knights of Sidonia to Netflix


King Records began streaming the first minute of the anime adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei's Knights of Sidonia manga on Thursday. The video, which features a battle in space against an alien, reveals that the 12-episode series is slated to premiere on MBS ' "Animeism" programming block in April.

Starchild International announced on its Twitter page on Friday that Eri Kitamura and Angela will be singing the show's theme songs. Starchild previously announced that Angela would perform the opening theme song. Eri Kitamura will play Honoka Series in the show.

Netflix will stream the series "firstly and exclusively" in both the Japanese audio with English subtitles and in "dubbed local language dialogue" in all Netflix territories this summer.



Background (from wikipedia)

The story is set in a distant future, a thousand years after humans flee from Earth, which was supposedly destroyed by shapeshifting gigantic alien monsters called Gauna (????), aboard massive spaceships created from the remains of the planet. One of said ships is Sidonia, which has developed its own human culture closely based on that of Japan where human cloning, asexual reproduction, human engineering such as controlled hybrid human/animal mutations and human photosynthesis are commonplace, and is arguably the last human settlement remaining as the fate of the other ships is unknown. Little is known about the true nature of the Gauna or the huge ship they board to pursue Sidonia. Each Gauna has its core protected by a huge mass of seemingly impenetrable material known as the "placenta", and once the placenta is shed away and the core is wounded beyond repair, the Gauna's body disintegrates.[1]

Sidonia is defended by large mechanized weapons called Guardians (?? Morito?) whose weaponry and mobility is powered by "Higgs particles", armed with a high output cannon for long range assaults and a special blade known as "Kabizashi" for close combat, which is made of the same material that forms the Gauna's placenta. Most people in the surviving human population are screened and drafted as Guardian pilots at a young age, if they are shown to be capable of piloting them.


The story follows the exploits of Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in the underground layer of Sidonia since birth, raised by his grandfather. Never having met anyone else, he trains himself in an old Guardian pilot simulator every day, eventually mastering it. After his grandfather's death he is found by the rest of the population and after being tested in a new simulator he is selected as a Guardian pilot, in hopes of defending Sidonia from the Gauna's attack using his incredible combat skills.

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