KNIVES IN STOCK for the holidays!!!

All knives purchased over the weekend are set to ship within the hour.

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Knife noob here. What do you guys do with these things? I'm guessing you're not going around shanking people. Just collector's items? Great stuff by the way, OP.

The knife I use the most is a necker, a small knife. I'll use it when setting up my garden, cutting twine, making stakes, etc. Then I'll use it when harvesting. A nice clean cut on a plant will heal better than crushing and ripping. This means there will be less pest pressure.

I'll use a larger knife when camping (although I have camped with only my necker). This will get used for food prep, batoning wood for kindling, making stakes if needed, sharpening a marshmallow stick, cutting that paracord when you can't get the damn knot untied, etc.

These knives are tools that are also beautiful.

Great idea for using my necker I'm always in the garden it would be perfect! 

It's just the right size for it. You can get into a plant and cut the stems you want without any collatoral damage. I'll even choke up on it and cover the tip with my finger to avoid stabbing any part of the plant.

I was just thinking last night week I was need a garden knife little did I know I was already have one. 

That's pretty damn neat to hear. I love when people find new uses for the stuff I make.

For instance, I never intended the Neckers to be anything more than a small game skinning knife. But they've taken on a life of their own. Utility, big game hunting, job site use, and now gardening too. I love it!

#14 W/sheath please if not already spoken for. Sending payment now. $75

Excited to give it to a buddy who has a 30 acre working farm. It backs up to hundreds of thousands of acres of timberland. His wife and him always let me come hunt and send me home with eggs and produce. Plus we buy our pigs and cattle from them. A million uses for him.

Scored a “scrap” necker and “scrap” trout/bird previously and they are not scrap!! Small game, big game, farm animals, kitchen, mushroom hunting, garden, kitchen, carry. Need to build a side fund and get on the books for a nice kitchen knife. Also “need” a file knife with the marks still visible in the collection and a chopper/kukri of some sort!! So much desire, so little $$$$…LOL

Thanks Alto!!!

Forgot to mention the game wardens are amazing!!! Congrats ROCG and WENDYDMT.

Glad to see this come back. Not in the market atm but always like seeing your work. 

Fuck it, I'm not winning any damn raffles apparently. I'll take #1 and #7. With sheaths. One will be a gift, and one will stay with me dammit. Venmo coming.

Venmo sent

Sorry for the slow response, I was out in the shop working on some Nessmuks.

FIJI, 14 is all yours!

Oldnslow, 1 and 7 are all yours!

Sheaths for all of em as well.

Give me just a few moments and I'll get you both sorted out!

FIJI, you've got tracking info in your email.

Oldnslow, I think my aging brain remembers you moving out of the old neighborhood, so let me know where you'd like it shipped and I'll have tracking for you immediately after!

As an aside...

I would very much like to tar and feather the tax collector.

Just saying.

rubs hands together and grins slowly

Alto, I'm still in the old neighborhood. Responded to your email with my info. Am looking forward to playing with my new knives. Thank you. 

Tracking sent homie! Send me a proper egg sandwich!

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Tracking sent homie! Send me a proper egg sandwich!

Salt pepper ketchup or fuck your mother.

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Tracking sent homie! Send me a proper egg sandwich!

Salt pepper ketchup or fuck your mother.


Only one of each?

Sent you an email, bro.

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Only one of each?

Yup. Variety is the spice of something or other.

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Sent you an email, bro.