I'm curious concerning how many people here carry knives on a regular basis. This forum seems to be a lot more oriented toward personal self defense than NHB or grappling. I am in no way indorsing the carrying of a concealed weapon. I myself have developed the habit over a life time of carrying a knife. I grew up in a rural area were kids could check there shotguns in with the school janitor, and then get them back at the end of the day (my how times have changed). Growing up in that environment it was second nature to carry a pocket knife. In fact I can not remember a time when I didn't have a Case knife in my pocket. When I was 16 I was training Wing Chung and met a man who studied Filipino Martial Arts and introduced me to knife fighting. It wasn't long until I upgraded from the simple case pocket knife to something a bit more serious. I now prefer a benchmade automatic. I am in law enforcement and every officer I know carries either a benchmade or a Spiderco. I spent a absurd amount of time in my youth training in the fine art knife fighting. Now that I'm older I have matured to the point that I don't have any delusion about gang knife fights in dark allies (is it not amazing we all survived our youth!), however I still carry knives and rather expensive ones at that. If I was forced to defend myself, and lethal force was necessary, I'm sure I employ my trusty Benchmade. I suppose I live by the foolish notion, I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by six.


I do carry a knife or should I say knives, on occasion.
I like the Cold Steel Gunsite and the Spyderco Endura with serrated edge...

If the scenario dictates, I'll have them available.

I remember once Tony saying that whatever tool or tools you have, YOU are the weapon.

Sure is easy to get addicted to collecting the darn things...

Take Care,


I'll let Mr. B tell you. Suffice it to say, he's no stranger to knife and weapons. IMO, his material blends best with H. Hochheim's stuff in the FMA knife realm.


I think I can safely say that Tony believes in the good guys surviving another day. I also think that embracing Tony's real-life training strategies most probably prompt his students to consider carrying, well, lots of different stuff.

One of his favorite sayings is "What does it cost you to add this to what you already do? And, what MIGHT it cost you if you don't."

Points to Ponder,


Benchmade, got it as a gift from an ex-SF buddy, carry it everywhere except welll, lots of places in this state...I used it all summer on an intership then came back here not paying attention and everyone made comments about it and was terrified that i would have a knife in my pocket...freakin city folk....but i carry it when i am not working or go out, and traveling...
I too grew up when we could carry our .22s or shotguns thru the suburban neighborhoods out to the fields to cap some groundhogs and people would drive by and wave like it was nothing....

To tell you the truth though I dont have any training with the thing...

I had a great collection that was stolen in a robbery recently. I carry a Emerson, that was given to me by, [posturing like a Peacock]... Ernie Emerson.

Knives are like lawyers & guns, better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have one.



i have a tactical tear gas & smoke combo grenade in my truck....heheh just in case it hits the fan

And I'm an attorney that carries a knife, as well as a Cross Pen.

I've been thinking of modifying my carry to have the Masters Of Defense Ladyhawk in my off hand side and my pen available to my strong side.

The old left Hook and right Cross, you know.



Here is a Benchmade. This is by far my favorite knife. It is a automatic, which means you have to be in law enforcement to order it. It has a pocket clip like the Spiderco.Benchmade Web Page
Ernest Emerson is maker and martial artist versed in BJJ, FMA/Silat and other arts.

i just checked when i went to my truck to make a quick cell call so the office folk wouldnt hear me(Coach I have a chiefs interview monday!!! passed the poly!!!), I have a Benchmade that also on the other side is marked Emerson Spec Ops CQ I have a Benchmade that is also an Emerson model???? Rod gave it to me....

Coach, that guy from Hartford never contacted me...I even e-mailed him offering to meet with him next time me and Rick Torres got together....