'Knock At The Cabin' Trailer 2022! Was IN Before I Watched The Trailer, Now OuuuuuuuT!

I read cliffs of the book and fella more or less wrote a MNight movie then sold it to him.

Should be good.

Always? He had some bangers so we know he’s capable, but he’s also put out some turds for sure.

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If you want to know the ol’ dick twist:

Batista and co. are the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, tell fam they have to choose one to kill to prevent apocalypse, lil girl self-sacrifices, apocalypse still happens, the end.


I gathered their identity from the trailer. It almost sounds like a less fun version of The Cabin In The Woods.

Seems like a logical story, gay marriage starting the apocalypse. Too bad these queers don’t believe in guns.


The poor little Asian girl is going to have save her faggot parents.

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