Knockout videos collection thread

Been looking on youtube for knockouts from different combat sports events as well as MMA fights from smaller organizations, knockouts that don't get noticed on youtube even tho some of them could be knockout of the year worthy.

Anyway I've created a playlist of knockouts and decided to share it here since I've bought ''the blue name'' and can enjoy the future of posting videos on here.

Brutal knees knockout in a Muay Thai fight in Brazil

Start watching at 2:20 mark

Asadullo Boimuradov of Kyrgyzstan Knocks Out Mustafa Farah Of Syria In A Middleweight Fight at The 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

Quick kick knockout, headgear vs no headgear...

Patrick Lawless vs Carlos Encinas

Fight Card Entertainment Presents

Devastation 2010

August 14th 2010

Melrose Park, IL

 2011 Combat sambo 68 KG finals, 12 seconds knockout. Istam Kudratov (UZB) vs Rasim Lemberanskij (GER)

One of the most beautiful kick knockouts , 360 kick by Evgeniy Alekseyev

Awesome spinning kick knockout by Akop Stepanyan against Djamal Kurbanov. Akop started his career at 0-3 and since won all 12 next fights.

Shaolin monk Yi Long against US Navy Seal

Knockout at 1:35 mark in the video

ciffaed Phone Post

4 seconds left high kick knockout


That spin kick was insane! Phone Post

Big slam face first into the ground , bad job on referee's part


4 sec left high kick ko....TIMMMBBEERRR!

That shit was brutal Phone Post

Steven Lambdin knocks out a guy with a left hook kick

Nice uppercut knockout

Diego Vital vs Rob Sinclair

Awesome rolling (wheel) kick knockout from Russia by a 18 year old fighter from Tyumen Mikhail Balakirev

Polish boxer Artur Szpilka destroys his opponent Ramiz Hadziaganovic in 30 seconds via faceplant ending

3 seconds knockout from Poland, official video-Ivhan Bibiatov vs Mateusz Piechocki, Profesjonalna Liga MMA 5