Knockouts of the Year

InsideFighting selected its knockouts of the year. Check Them Out Here!Here's a taste:Benji Radach:

This probably goes without saying, but that picture was from Benji Radach's fight with Sean Sherk, not his knockout at the hands of Dan Lafever.

How can that list not have Maxwell vs Pulver, Henderson vs Busta, or Cro Crop vs Vov?


And a correction on the Silva KO on Sak. They mentioned something like "and a couple of shots later..." It was ONE CLEAN PUNCH that did the job like it took Crocop ONE CLEAN KICK to KO Igor and Dos Caras. Those are the most beautiful imo, the one strike KO's.

I guess nobody seen me get KOed by Blake Grice. You can actually see my face cave in.

CroCop vs. Vovchanchyn

Vanderlei vs. Sakuraba III

Best 2 KOs of the year by far!!

If it makes you feel better Byron - I saw it.


I think once the tape between maxwell/pulver gets out, people will appreciate it as one of the best knockouts of the year.

Vanderlei vs. Sakuraba was great

henderson killing brazillian hero busta in seconds

goodridge vs frye who could have predicted that one

Lol @ Lindland vs Himself.

"With championship efficiency, Lindland knocked himself out to earn this year's top honors"

Hiro x Keisuke Kurata.A hilarious one shot KO.