Knoppix stuff

I just started out playing with knoppix. Setting up my personal space on a 512 M USB drive was really neat. I like the idea that I can walk around and work on any computer with my settings and a few docs, email and bookmarks.
I purchased the Knoppix hacks book, really enjoying it. Any suggestions on things to try.
Also, does DD work on any file system, or only linux/unix?

Thanks all,


Give Auditor a shot. It's based on Knoppix, with a slew of security tools preinstalled.

rfquinn is correct as usual.

Auditor is great.

Also check out the "Live CD List"

Someone please link it....

TTT for Knoppix so far the most simple way of getting linux on a pc. Great link btw Hunt, I just bookmarked it. Also I recommend the knoppix hacks book its an awesome read with crazy stuff who can do with knoppix.

Cool Link!
And I've got Auditor. Need to get a card that it will play with, and I've always had trouble with it seeing everything on my laptop. Got a knoppix cd with a book (knoppix hacks or hacking knoppix) and it saw everything on the laptop just fine.
I know I should spend more time trying to hammer my way through auditor, but I should also spend more time on business, SBS training, learning to sell, MAA training, .......................................................

Oh yeah, spend time with wife. Maybe I should move that higher up on the list ;)


Knoppix won't boot from VPC. :-(

That's because M$ owns it. I found it not to be very freindly with th linux distros.

Use vmware.

Much better inmo.......

And try the esx server if you can. That shit is great.